Tainic stands for:

- Excellent service since 1988

- Quality is our main focus




There are two types of servers:


  • Custom built - tailored to the customer's needs.
  • Brand name server, like HP or IBM. Additional customisation is still possible (memory upgrade, backup units etc.)


For both types of servers, for every quotation, we try to gather as much information on the requirements as possible (how many users, used applications, etc.).


Extra options we always recommmend:


  • Backup: In some cases, tapes are the way to go. In other cases, it's better to use external hard disks.
  • Redundancy: Try to use RAID mirror drives. If budget allows use redundant power supplies. In some occasions, a duplicate server is the most reliable solution.
  • Extended warranty. Up to 3 years on-site, available for both the custom built or the brand name servers.


Please always call for a personalised quotation.




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